Workshops and Training

All contestants will receive professional training in order to prepare them for the competition and to promote life-skills development for young women.

Modelling training
The contestants will be taught techniques for proper on-stage deportment and charisma, walking, standing posture, and staircases.
Interview training seminar – conducted by PowerTalk
To prepare for the private judge's interview and the finale on-stage interview.
Manners and Etiquette Training – conducted by Elizabeth Etiquette
The new Miss BC will be invited to attend various events and must understand how to handle herself in any given situation. She will be both Ambassador and role model during her reign. A foundation of good manners is integral to the development of good social and leadership skills, not only for today but for the future. Etiquette is an essential skill that will remain with the Miss BC participants forever. This workshop will incorporate: How to create a great first impression, introductions, posture, conversation and listening skills, cell phones and texting, interview etiquette, table manners and how to compose a thank you note.
Self Defence Training – conducted by Mitra Castano, of Triunity Martial Arts
Mitra has worked with the Miss BC Contestants for a number of years. It is a sad fact that women today need to be more aware of their environments and more prepared for the possibility of being the subject of violence. Because of this, Miss BC has made it a point to have a self-defence workshop for our contestants to receive basic overall skills on defence techniques for women.
Choreography training
The delegates will be trained to present a grand opening performance for the final showcase.
Self-esteem and Assertiveness workshop – conducted by Wilma Boyd
"Self-esteem is a way of thinking, feeling and acting, which implies that you accept, respect, trust and believe in yourself". Wilma's workshop will teach you how to become a confident young woman.
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