Junior Miss Rosalyn PrincessSurrey

My name is Brittany and I would like to become a scientist who studies tornados they are called Meteorologists and I love to draw tornados. Tornados start sometimes by thunderstorms or moist air with strong winds. I have never seen a thunderstorm only when I was a baby, but before I get there I am proud to be part of Junior Miss BC this year which gives us opportunities to learn more and to help in our community.

I was born in Maple Ridge, I love jumping on the trampoline and can do some tricks, I speak French, Spanish, and English and read books in these languages. I have a very small piece gold that I keep in my room, I love the snow, painting, to do arts and crafts and made a train out of cardboard for my brother.

One day in class I created something new out of paper, I had an idea of a cut out and kept going and going, my friends were surprised and liked it, that inspired me to continue to use my creativity and I learned that I can do things when I try my best.

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