Workshops and Training

All contestants selected for the Miss, Mrs. and Miss Teen BC categories will receive professional training over three days in order to prepare them for the competition on the final day, and in order to promote life-skills development for young women. The contestants selected for Junior Miss will receive one day of age-appropriate workshops.


Contestants will be taught techniques for proper on-stage deportment and charisma.

Interview Training Seminar – conducted by PowerTalk

To prepare for the private judges’ interview and the final on-stage interview, contestants will receive extensive training and practice in responding to interview questions smoothly and professionally.

Manners and Etiquette Training – conducted by Elizabeth Etiquette

( Etiquette, the rules and conventions that regulate social and professional behaviour, is the foundation for success in all aspects of life. It affects how we relate to and are perceived by others and, ultimately, the opportunities we are given.

Miss, Miss Teen, Jr. Miss and Mrs. BC titleholders will be invited to attend various events and must understand how to handle themselves in any given situation. They will be both Ambassadors and role models during their reign. Etiquette is an essential skill that will remain with all participants forever.

Self Defence Training - conducted by Melissa Ren and Associates

It is a sad fact that women today need to be more aware of their environments and more prepared for the possibility of being the subject of violence. Because of this, the Miss, Mrs. and Miss Teen BC Program has made it a point to have a self-defense workshop for our contestants to receive basic overall skills on defense techniques for women.


The delegates will be trained to present a grand opening performance for the final showcase.


Women in BC who are CEOs of their own businesses will come to a panel discussion with the Miss, Mrs. and Miss Teen BC contestants, giving insight into leadership skills and how they got to where they are today in the business world.

Healthy Living and Lifestyle - conducted by Lori Teng

All Miss, Mrs. and Miss Teen BC contestants will receive advice about skin care, healthy eating, the importance of sleep and exercise and more.

Inner Beauty and Personal Integrity Workshop - conducted by Zana Gray, Youth Leader and Educator

If you’re pretty, you’re pretty; but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just ‘congratulations about your face'. — John Mayer

The media bombards us with certain ideals of beauty, but there is so much more to us than just the physical. Zana's workshop will help contestants dissect some of the messages about beauty from our culture and make wise choices for a lasting impact. With examples from former titleholders, Zana will encourage contestants to let their inner beauty shine!

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