Emily Henderson

I'll never forget when I decided on a whim to participate in the pageant, and I had no idea it would have the impact on my life that it did.

The Miss BC program provided me with a whole new network of women that I could lean on and learn from, something I desperately needed as a very lost 18-year old coming out of a rough first year of university. That network provided me with support, friendship, and group activities that lasted through the year and the present day; we still reach out to each other when there is an event we would like to be present at.

Miss BC helped put me on a better path, and equipped me with the tools and confidence I needed to stay ambitious and striving for goals, even long after I'd passed on the crown.

Currently, I'm thriving as a third year student at the University of British Columbia, and I'm exploring a multitude of art and trying to get more involved in student life and activities. While my future after graduation is admittedly unclear, I have no doubt that I am walking my path, and I'm grateful to have walked a part of that path with Miss BC.

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