Hannah Smith

What stood out for me many years ago was participating in an event where I wasn't the only one who wanted to make a positive change in the world. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there for what you’re passionate about and to be that proud black sleep in the crowd.

My most memorable contribution I made with my platform was feeling completely honored to be considered a Role Model. Not just for stutterers, but anyone who has ever felt different. For myself, it was the validation to not second guess myself, understanding self-love and that I accomplished a dream that I set when I was 16.

In life now I am a graduated Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Registered Nutritionist. I hold a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition and Orthomolecular Nutrition. I founded Fraser Valley Nutrition, a Nutritional Consulting Company in September 2016 where I create individualized plans for clients to help them create healthy habits through attainable lifestyle changes. Holistic Nutrition is not a fad diet, it's about teaching clients how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is simple. You can visit for a full list of services and what areas I help clients with. I am also currently in the process of obtaining my Personal Training Certification which I should complete within a few weeks. My aim is to be able to give more to my clients, therefore I plan on obtaining more certifications in the future. Throughout my own health journey and my education I learned a great deal of how food affects how we think, act and feel and just how much of an impact daily lifestyle plays on our overall health and mindset. I am very passionate about helping clients understand that food is the most powerful form of medicine. It's much more than just telling a client to get enough fiber into their belly, it's about teaching them the fundamentals of a balanced diet that is satisfying, healthy and brings nourishment to the body. Many health issues can be attributed to nutrient-deficiencies and lifestyle and when a client comes to me with a specific issue quite often it's a symptom so it's my job to get to the underlying cause. My goal is to keep growing my business and I would love to do it mostly online in the future. In my personal life, I am now married of as August 2016 and my husband and I currently reside in Fort Langley. We love to travel to Vancouver Island a few times a year; we both want to start a family in the next few years as well, so having a transferable business is most ideal for our lifestyle.

I learned a lot throughout my time with Courage Productions; it's the place that I first learned how to be confident in myself and serves as a constant reminder to not second guess myself, to trust myself and to be proud of my accomplishments. I learned a lot about people and how to help others without giving myself away. I learned how to stand up for myself and learned how to let go.

I would recommend this program to others because it is a good platform to explore yourself, to take an opportunity to give yourself lots of love and care, also permission to make the most of the experience for yourself. Everyone will have their own experience and their own story so it's up to you to decide what this program is going to mean to you no matter what the outcome is. I've always loved people and hearing the stories that make them who they are because vulnerability is how we connect and get to know each other. You learn how to let down walls and to give yourself to yourself for the experience of Miss BC. No matter what happens, you will come out of this program knowing more of who you are.

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