Gagan Chahal-Saran

Where do I begin? I participated in the Miss BC Pageant in 2008! My love of pageants began in 2005 when I won the title of Miss Penticton. The Miss BC program is quite dear to my heart as I was able to build some great memories and meet some wonderful people. It’s not every day that you get to meet so many women from such diverse backgrounds and find some common ground.

After landing the title of Miss BC Interior I was able to participate in Miss World Canada the following year. Miss World Canada was another level of pageantry that allowed me to come home with many great memories and friendships. After placing top 10 in Miss World Canada I decided it was time to focus on some other paths in life.

My participation in these various pageants has taught me to be extremely comfortable, confident and self-aware. My self-awareness has led me to appreciate my differences and truly grow as an individual. I would highly recommend pageants to women of all ages as I believe that they can help shape you as an individual. I strongly disagree with the stereotype that all pageants are "beauty pageants" as these pageants teach you many life skills and aid in your communication skills.

As in life, I believe you will take away what you put in. If you participate in these pageants with the mindset of personal growth you will be highly rewarded. I am able to reflect on my involvement with very positive thoughts because of the amount of growth I have experienced as an individual.

Currently, I work in the real estate industry and practice freelance photography in the beautiful city of Kelowna! I am married to my wonderful husband, Govind and we are dog parents to an amazing little miniature schnauzer, Storm. I would like to thank Gloria and Darren for being so amazing and helping women excel year after year! I will never forget the amount of help, encouragement and love I received from the both of them and will be forever grateful for their friendships.

Good luck to all future participants and remember, the experience is what you make it, soak in all the moments and enjoy this very special time in your life! Winning is just a fun bonus - enjoy the ride! Best of luck!

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