Meghan Price

My very first memory of the Miss BC program, was the warm smiling faces of Darren, Gloria, and Gary; who welcomed me like family. I knew from that moment I had chosen to be a part of a program that truly believed in the power of young women.

I entered that pageant week a bit timid; and left with the ability to share my passion for Affordable Housing with confidence and clarity. After being titled Top Teen of Canada, I spent my year surrounded by the Miss BC “family” of volunteer staff and past titleholders, conducting a speaking tour on Affordable Housing and fundraising to support Habitat for Humanity.

Nine years later, I am a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, providing maternity care in the rural Okanagan. As a Registered Midwife, I take my medical training, and empower women on their journey to becoming mothers. A skillset I formed over my years of involvement with the Miss BC Program. Every year, I return to the program as volunteer staff, with the goal of embodying the warmth I received as a contestant, and to affirm an unwavering belief in the aptitude of young women that the Miss BC program instilled in me.

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