Natalie Vickery

My favourite, and albeit least glamourous, memory from my year as Miss BC World was volunteering at the Langley car show simply moving a gate open and closed for vehicles. I shared so many laughs with my fellow volunteers and with Darren that my cheeks actually hurt at the end of the day. I consider Darren and his family, not just my friends but my family too. The bonds we created are truly unbreakable. I advocated for the prevention of date rape, specifically around drink spiking in bars. And shared my teen experience with my mother’s cancer to support others and contribute to fundraising events.

I left my career in radio broadcast shortly after having my daughter (now 3 years old) and became a licensed Mortgage Broker in order to find a better balance between life and work. I have a wonderful husband who is a BC Paramedic. We look forward to watching our little girl grow and thrive and achieve her own dreams.

I will be the first to admit that I came into the pageant a selfish person. After my year was up, I had a new appreciation for how rewarding it is to support your community in any way you can. Spending even one hour doing something to assist a non profit, a food bank, anyone in need feeds the soul in a way you cannot express in words.

I would never hesitate to recommend this pageant. It truly changed my life and me for the better. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone could enter this pageant and find something that speaks to them. Whether it’s a new life skill or a new friendship, you will leave with something positive.

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