Jordi Brand-McKay

Miss BC changed my life, for the better. I learned invaluable lessons that have helped me throughout my life thus far. One of the best memories as Miss Northern BC 2014 was doing a charity event for a young boy who had been diagnosed with cancer. At this event, I interacted with a young girl (about 6 years old), and when I let her wear my crown, she was so happy. The smile on her face will stay with me forever. Since participating in Miss BC, I have started my post-secondary journey. I’m currently in Kitchener, Ontario, working towards a Bachelor of Public Relations degree from Conestoga College. This summer I will be doing a co-op work term with Conestoga College Student Life as a Special Events Assistant for Fall Orientation. My goal is to work for an organization that works towards beneficial change, either in the environment or society. My dream is to make a positive impact and leave a positive mark on the world. That dream of making a difference stems from being part of Miss BC and seeing all of the wonderful women who wanted to make a positive difference in our world.

I learned so many valuable lessons from my time at Miss BC! I learned public speaking skills, how to be more confident, and to believe in myself. Being around so many supportive and encouraging people helped me to not only feel better about myself, but also how to be a more supportive person towards others. Miss BC also taught me to dream big and that I can do anything I set my mind to! I loved my weekend with Miss BC and can’t imagine where I’d be without it! I would recommend Miss BC to people of all ages. This program offers something for everyone; it’s so much more than the final pageant. The whole weekend offers invaluable life lessons. Not only does a contestant learn to walk in heels, but they also learn how to be more confident in yourself and how to speak in front of large audiences. Anyone who participates in Miss BC will gain important life lessons and take something away from the weekend.

Miss BC weekend changed my life. I met so many amazing people and cannot imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t taken part in it. The organizers of the event are the most kind and caring people you will ever meet and they do so much to make everyone who takes part in the program feel like they are part of the Miss BC Family. That’s what this pageant is all about - creating genuine relationships that feel like a second family. This pageant is more than just a pretty gown and high heels, it’s about advocating for real issues, inner beauty, and supporting each other. Miss BC is a wonderful program and anyone who participates, whether they win a title or not, will take something away from the weekend.

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