Nica Derakhshannia

My whole year as a titleholder is a blur. Between my final year of high school and the responsibilities tied to being Miss Teen Lower Mainland, I rarely had a dull moment. One event that stood out for me was when we spent Halloween at the Ronald McDonald House. Every year prior, I would either be knocking door to door for sweets or watching horror films with friends. It was nice to change my usual routine and spend it with a group of likeminded individuals. Spending a day with my dear titleholders and some of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met was an enlightening experience.

My passion for volunteering and participating in community growth is largely due to the Miss BC program. I have always been involved in local events and organizations beforehand, but through my experience I learned how many different outlets are out there and in need of extra help. Now that I’m finished my first year at the University of British Columbia, I know that I want to dedicate my life to the planet, both environmentally and socially. Through the participation of various events here and there, Miss BC has taught me how to get myself out there. I have gained the confidence I need to approach organizations and help whenever possible.

Since the initial pageant week in 2015, I have been raving on about how beneficial it is to participate in the Miss BC pageant. It is nothing like you would expect it to be, in the best way possible. The skills that I learned in those mere 3 days have helped me with so many important tasks in my young adult life. I like to think that the amount of preaching I’ve done will pay off since some of my closest friends, in addition to random people I’ve met in the past year have conceded and signed on (or promised to) to the Miss BC program. What I say to basically everyone is that this “pageant” is meant for anyone, primarily those who want to be a part of something meaningful. I will guarantee that at some point of the week, from either the speakers, conversing with the other participants or even from your own self-discovery, you will be grateful for having taken the initiative in participating in the Miss BC pageant.

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