Sharalee Voth

I remember so many little things through the experience of being a part of this program. The dance rehearsals, helping each other backstage with our dresses on event nights, the parades. There was such a variety of things we did together as a group that by the time it was over I genuinely felt connected to the other girls. I made friends in my year that I am touch with to this day. The middle name of my first born daughter is actually the name of one of my co-contestants who is one of the most beautiful women I've met in my life - inside and out.

I am now a wife and mother (of 2 young girls) and I have been a homemaker now for nearly a decade. I also work part time at our church as an office administrator and lead the worship ministry there as well. I am currently the PAC president at my daughters' school and treasure the ability to be involved with the school community.

I can't thank Miss BC (in my time "Miss Fraser Valley") enough for the program you have developed. You helped me break out of my shell. I developed a comfort and confidence with new people and crowds I'd never had before. I made friends and had experiences I will never forget. If the day comes that my girls tell me they want to get into pageants I won't hesitate for a moment if it is your program, because I know it will grow and stretch them beyond what they could ever expect.

I am so proud to have worn your sash and your title!

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