Bella Konschuh-Penney

What an exciting year it has been! I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and volunteer at several great events. Being 'Miss Teen BC Interior 2016/2017' afforded me the opportunity to get to know many youth in my area, as well as, to help out at local activities. I have had a great time meeting new people, hearing about their goals & dreams; and have made some new friends along the way.

To all my fellow pageant pals, I hope you’ve all had as wonderful a year as I have; and I look forward to seeing where life takes you all. I'd like to thank Courage Productions for the wonderful opportunities your pageants have presented to youth in the community, as well as, your support for Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops For Cancer.

I'd like to remind everyone who has been - or who is being bullied - to PLEASE tell someone you trust, reach out for help, and say NO to bullying.

Future Contestants : You are in for an exciting journey. Enjoy every moment! All the best to the 2017/2018 contestants !!

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