Ramneek Jawandha

The days following up to my crowning as Miss Teen Charity BC are ones I hold dearly to my heart. It was within those days that I gathered the courage to accomplish goals I was too afraid to set for myself in fear of failure. However, along the way I was lucky enough to meet amazing and influential people. It was because of both these types of people that I developed a drive to offer something bigger to the community - and myself. I had stumbled upon Miss BC’s website and was sure this could be my gateway to becoming an influential part of my community.

Upon making my decision to enter the pageant, I immediately began planning fundraising events, meeting and connecting with strong individuals in the community, and executing the fundraisers. With the help of many passionate individuals, I had accomplished two charity events for Cops for Cancer in the span of two month. My first event was in a banquet hall in which a strong team of people assisted in putting together, and others assisted greatly in donations. To my surprise, this event was a much bigger success than I had imaged and my hopes of pursuing similar goals rose. It was amazing to see the turnout of people, how many individuals had informed family and friends of the event and to see how involved people were in the purpose behind Cops for Cancer’s mission! This fundraiser resulted in donations totalling over $4000, which drove me to challenge this amount for more. I wanted to see how many people I could impact with my mission, and the generosity of my community continued to amaze me. I then quickly executed a second fundraising event, similar to the first one however, with less of an eventful atmosphere and more focused on the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society and Cops for Cancer. I felt that I could capture more people’s attention in this way. This method worked very well as it got my goal across more clearly thus, resulting in a total raised of just over $7000! In total, I had raised more than $11,000 for Cops for Cancer within two months! Throughout this journey, I got to know so many wise, passionate, and uplifting souls who allowed me to execute something I almost gave up on. There were many people that helped immensely with the fundraisers from the kindness of their hearts and many people I had met during the events who wanted to join me in future endeavors. I’m continuing to plan on some amazing things with a great team of people and hope to help my community grow. The desire to “help a community grow” may be commonly heard from many hopeful individuals however, it is such a relevant goal that drives so many people to do amazing things for others. Thanks to Miss BC, my eyes have opened to my own abilities, valuable lessons learnt, the ability that a passionate team of people has to influence our communities, and larger goals for the future. Of all things throughout my year as Miss Teen Charity BC, my fundraisers will always symbolize my gateway to something much bigger.

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