Tamara Forsyth

Being blessed with the title “Miss Greater Vancouver 2016”, I was able to spread the word of self-love and acceptance through my platform to “Look Beyond The mirror”. My goal was simple; teach the youth to stop focusing on their image in the mirror and focus on their image within their community. By going into the local schools and talking to the youth I was able to make an impact and set them up with tools for success. I was able to speak to them about the signs of eating disorders and help end the stigmas. I was able to put a face to mental Illness and Eating Disorders and showed them that it can happen to anyone.

For me, being Miss Greater Vancouver wasn’t about photoshoots, appearances and glitzy dresses. It was about being a role model in my community and impacting change within our youth. While on my journey I have had many amazing and life changing opportunities I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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