Priyaali Kanti

I remember being in awe of the ladies wearing a crown and sash, until last year when I got the opportunity to be this figure for the young girls of today. I learnt an important lesson throughout my reign. "Princesses aren't the ones with a gold crown and sash, but the one's with a heart of gold…"

My sole decision to participate in this pageant was to change the perception of beauty. Unlike the stereotypical pageant girl who is tall, athletic and has flawless skin, I am just a girl from next door who wants to change the world by her charism and enthusiasm. Within just a year of moving from a diametrically opposite land, I have been able to use my title to raise my voice on such a prestigious platform. From getting out of my comfort zone and developing new skills, supporting organizations like East meets West and Kelowna community resources and being an Ambassador for my city of Kelowna, the Miss BC pageant brought the best in me.

The Miss BC pageant has moulded me into the best version of myself, igniting the spark of performing arts in me. I have been able to break shackles and follow passions, facing my fear of public speaking, something I thought I would never be able to conquer. This pageant has taught me the power of positivity. This program will give one a new perspective of life with a chance to develop new skills and give back.